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Why should you clean
your carpets once a year?

The reason why you clean your carpets once a year

“How often should I clean my carpets?”. That’s a pretty common questions specially if you have kids or pets, and today we are gonna explain exactly how you determine the time between each carpet cleaning.

We all know that the world is a dirty place. It has all kinds of viruses, germs and bacteria that can be harmful to us ando those we love. But what about our own house? Does it share this horrible things?

The answer unfortunately is YES. As we walk outside and come back home, we bring all this bad things into our houses, our furnaces in the other hand, makes it even worse, dissipating not only dust but dust mites, bacteria and some times even mold spores. And guess what? all these LOVE your carpets. Yes, the warm, fluffy and full of food particles carpet. Over the time this dust and abrasive particles start to create too much friction, which damage the carpet fibers causing those known dark areas on the carpet, the famous worn down. The problem with that is that no cleaning agents can restore the fiber, so even after you clean, it will still look dark. Given this, the manufacturer of most carpets recommend cleaning and applying protector to your carpets at least once a year. That way you are not only removing the abrasive particles from your carpet but all allergens, viruses and bacteria as well.