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4 Types of Upholstery Cleaning
You May Need in Your Home

4 Types of Upholstery Cleaning

Did you know that different types of upholstery require different cleaning methods? Usually manufacturers will put a tag on your furniture that let you and professional upholstery cleaners know the safest way to clean your upholstery without causing damage.

There will be either a “W” or an “S” on the tag to let the cleaners know if you can clean it with a Water based cleaner, a dry cleaning Solvent or either one, which is indicated with a “WS.” When hiring professional upholstery cleaners like Utah Pros Premium Carpet Cleaning, they will have the knowledge, experience and expertise to know which cleaning method is best to keep your upholstery safe.

The different types of upholstery cleaning that are most popular are:

Hot water extraction / Steam upholstery cleaning

The technician will examine your items to determine the material they are made of. He will also place pads under the machine. The piece is vacuumed to remove dust and other particles. Stains are pre-treated with professional solutions. Then, a tiny nozzle ejects hot pressured water. The treated area is vacuumed and nearly 95% of the water and all the dirt and allergens it has collected are extracted.

Dry upholstery cleaning

Dry upholstery cleaning involves your upholstery cleaner using a dry solvent to clean the furniture so water doesn’t damage of discolor the material. 

When getting a dry upholstery cleaning with Utah Pros, the technician will start with an inspection to understand the type of fabrics. Then, to prepare the piece, he will pre-treat all stains. Then your professional will apply a dry solvent, rubbing it all over the item using a machine with spinning brushes. The dry compound method is suitable for furniture made of delicate materials.

Dry foam upholstery cleaning

Dry foam upholstery is exactly how it sounds, a dry foam that is worked into your upholstery to wipe away dirt, dust, and allergens. Dry foam is also designed so that any foam that is left behind dries into an ionically charged crystal that repels dirt to keep your upholstery clean for longer. Dry foam is also safe for kids and pets!

When Utah Pros decide to clean your upholster with foam, instead of solvents, they begin by covering the piece in a thin layer of foam. It takes about ten minutes for the foam to harden. Then, it is removed with a powerful vacuum machine. Your item will be dry and ready for use within the hour!

Leather sofa cleaning

Leather sofas require cleaning just like any other peice of furniture, but they’re often times neglected. The maintain your leather sofa they should be dusted with a dry cloth frequently. Then, to keep the material soft and moisturized, we suggest calling the professionals at Utah Pros to remove spots or stains, deep clean the surface of your leather and moisturize it using high-quality leather moisturizer.

To get started, we will spread a foam leather cleaner across your sofa or armchair. The solution absorbs all the dirt in a couple of minutes. Using a soft brush, the foam will be spread evenly while being gently rubbed onto the leather. Lastly, we will wipe the surface with a cloth and applies a rejuvenator. All technicians  at Utah Pros are qualified to deal with Nubuck, Protected and Aniline leather. They perform suede sofa cleaning, as well.

Get Your Upholstery Cleaned Today!

No matter the type of upholstery in your home, the professional at Utah Pros Premium Carpet Cleaning have the knowledge, expertise, experience and tools to clean it! Give us a call today for a no-obligation quote and see how much your upholstery cleaning will cost or read more about our upholstery cleaning services here.